White-label KYB solution by SEPA Cyber Tech Group

Verifying business entities and overarching ownership structure, the Know Your Business (KYB) process, is an anti-money laundering compliance requirement, necessitating Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD). It could be a slow and labour-intensive procedure for many organisations and their customers as additional information, such as identifying the intended nature of the business relationship, the source of funds, and enhanced monitoring of the business relationship, should be secured.

To support you and your customers for seamless EDD, we have created our KYB module.

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Take a look at our modular and scalable KYB solution. SEPA Cyber’s team of experts will acquaint you with our outstanding features allowing you to screen businesses in no time.

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Scalable microservice architecture

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Comply with all regulations and security-driven requirements

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Easy to use regardless of your preferred device

More than powerful regulation

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complete solution

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