A-to-Z core banking platform for both online and traditional banks

Next-generation core banking platform
by SEPA Cyber Technologies

The banking core is the single most important technology for banks, neobanks and financial institutions to invest in. Our complete platform is fully digital, automated, and scalable, giving a new meaning to customer and staff experience. Operational efficiency and ongoing innovation are keys to a smooth banking system that enables you to focus on growth and business development.

SEPA Cyber gives you A to Z core banking functionalities

Our core banking platforms have a full range of services to fit your specific needs. Our FinTech know-how and team of specialists can scope your project and find the fastest way to smooth digitalisation.

  • Client onboarding and verification
  • SMS and email services
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Client relation management
  • Bank products
  • Payments and transfer processing
  • Exchanges
  • Fees and tariffs
  • System administration
  • Reporting
  • Archive and data warehouse

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Our core banking platform knows no borders. Your customers will have full access to your services from anywhere in the world.

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