White-label Internet
payment gateway

In a world where browsing, picking products, adding them to a cart, and hitting checkout has become a routine, online businesses need a reliable IPG to meet the high expectation of online shoppers. We at SEPA Cyber offer a complete, white-label payment gateway.

With SEPA Cyber’s white-label
you will be able to offer

Our internet payment gateway has built-in functionalities to make you a leader in the payment-accepting industry. Your merchants can accept and proceed online payments with our complete card-non-present platform.

SEPA Cyber’s powerful IPG
solution supports the following
payment methods

Credit cards

Checkout experience

Local payment methods


Your best solution if you need


Use MuSe to add new features with a few clicks


No need for manual job work

Full compliance

We can meet all the legal and security driven requirements

Deployment innovation

You can choose between SaaS and on-premise deployment

White-label solution

Fully branded IPG with your brand colours and logos

More than a
payment gateway

Step by step to
complete solution

Book a meeting

Fill out our form, and one of our experts will contact you

Access to a sandbox

You will get a demo of our branded IPG

Project scope and offer

Modularity means customer offer for each client

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SEPA Cyber Tech Group is happy to be part of your payment journey

Added value service to your already existing product or new business - with SEPA Cyber’s white-label IPG you are ready in 1-2-3

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