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SEPA Cyber

What We Do

SEPA Cyber is a FinTech company, part of a Multinational Group operating in over 32 countries. We offer innovative, modular and scalable IT solutions to the banking & financial, governmental, and retail sectors.

Why Do We Do It

The financial technology revolution started spreading around the world, affecting many processes in the sector. FinTech is expected to reshape people’s economic and social lives and positively impact their financial operations and interactions. We strive to be the answer for each FinTech demand!

How It Works

Our work comes together like pieces of a puzzle. We combine those different but compatible pieces, and as a result, we turn their mutual harmony into a complex but wholesome picture. Through modularity, integration and development, we strive for continuous improvement.

Project Scoping

The first and most crucial step in our partnership is understanding your needs.


We help you create an edge over the competitors, which is extremely important today.


We let you verify that the created solution works for you and ‘the user’.


When everything is ready, the only thing you need to do is a single API integration.

Our data center locations

SEPA Cyber Tech Group has data centres in 5 countries worldwide. By their nature, data centres are sizable networked computer services set up to store, process and collect consumer data.

Our offices

Our ten offices are strategically located worldwide to cover all the regions we operate in effectively. Our ever-growing staff is always available to assist clients no matter where they are. From Varna to London, passing by Sofia, Frankfurt, and Zurich, and from Mexico City to Singapore, passing by Delaware, Vilnius, and Istanbul, partners and clients can easily find a SEPA Cyber Tech Group office or representative at every corner of the world.

Trusted by Leading Partners

We are proud to have gained the loyalty of our partners and work with leaders from the Banking & Financial sector

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