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What we do

SEPA Cyber is a FinTech company, part of a Multinational Group operating in more than 32 countries. We offer innovative, modular and scalable IT solutions to the banking & financial sector, governmental sector and retail sector.

Why we do it

The revolution of financial technology started spreading around the world, affecting a high amount of processes in the sector. FinTech is expected to reshape the economic and social lives of people and to positively impact their financial processes and interactions. We strive to be the answer for each FinTech demand!


Our work comes together like pieces of a puzzle. We combine those different, but compatible pieces and as result we turn their mutual harmony into a complex, but wholesome picture. Through modularity, integration and development, we strive for continuous improvement.


Project Scoping

The first most important step in our partnership is to understand your needs.



We help you create the edge over the competitors which is extremely important today.



We let you verify that the created solution works for you and ‘the user’.



When everything is ready, the only thing you need to do is a single API integration.


SEPA Cyber Technologies has data centers in 5 countries worldwide. By their nature, the data centers are sizable networked computer services, set up to store, process and collect consumers data.


Our offices are located internationally. Our business developers and commercial teams are based in Bulgaria and Turkey. SEPA Cyber’s solution architects and Quality Assurance experts operate from Germany. Our team of IT developers is based in India. Its total number exceeds 400 people, more than 80% of them are senior developers with proven knowledge and relevant experience.


Our Management, Business Development and Commercial Team are based in Varna, Bulgaria. Our experienced professionals ensure the high business performance.


SEPA Cyber has an office in Bulgaria’s capital. We have an expert team of commercial representatives who ensure unique user experience.


SEPA Cyber Technologies has Commercial representation in Turkey's business capital. The Sales professionals ensure long-term business relationships.


Our German office is a symbol for high level of Quality Assurance and Architect Solutions.


We have a lovely office located in Mayfair with a commercial representative team of specialists. Their responsibilities involve identifying customer needs and making sure their requirements are fulfilled.

Delaware, USA

SEPA Cyber also has an incredible team of representatives operating from our office in Delaware, USA managing the American market.


A team of business representatives is located in the amazing World Trade Centre Dubai, Sheikh Rashid Tower. They will be happy to advise about our innovative solutions.


SEPA Cyber team is vibrant, optimistic and passionate about FinTech. We trust in our services and products maintained by the collective work and the intelligence of our community. We are persistent enough to grip on every project of our clients and provide them with brilliant solutions. Fairness and respect to our customers are core values of ours.


We are proud to have gained the loyalty of our partners. It is our opportunities to work with leaders from the Banking & Financial sector, the Governmental and Retail sector.


Therefore, we are happy to announce some of our most trusted business relationships…

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