The one-stop solution for managing services

The one-stop solution for
managed services

SEPA Cyber Technologies offers businesses an all-in-one solution covering their multifaceted managerial needs. The Managed Services solution can help companies consolidate different aspects of their business into a single, coherent whole.

Diversify your business with Managed Services

At SEPA Cyber, compliance and efficient management hold precedence. Our team dedicates all their efforts to ensuring clients abide by all necessary standards, requirements and regulations to run their business smoothly and scale up consistently.

  • Here are our four primary services:
  • Regtech Onboarding Manager
  • Transaction Monitoring and Fraud Officer
  • Back-Office Service/Customer Support 1st and 2nd Level
  • Compliance and KYC


B2B or B2C companies must abide by many standards and strict criteria during onboarding. SEPA Cyber delivers complete management checklists, including required dedicated documentation to comply with KYC, KYB, and PEP/sanction assessments. We provide and customise a portfolio of policies and procedures to maintain high standards.

Our solution detects unusual patterns, potential fraud and suspicious transactions. SEPA Cyber provides services in transaction monitoring rules, providing bespoke rules settings befitting your individual needs as a client to support you in preventing fraud and Anti-Money Laundering.

Optimised back office solutions and relentless customer support are the backbone of every organisation’s success. SEPA manages these services to help maintain SLA standards.

Management of ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements is essential for all businesses. To ensure your company maintains compliance, SEPA Cyber will guide you through the process of monitoring programmes.

The Solution you need to Succeed


Adding extra services is a click away with MuSe.


We offer next-generation digital solutions to keep manual work at a minimum.

Full compliance

Our built-in features and custom solutions will meet your country's restrictions.

Back office interface

Full spectrum of tools to monitor and manage your customers’ eWallets.

White-label solution

Your brand colours and your design over our white-label platform.

Web and mobile
interface for end users

Powerful platform with intuitive design on any device.

Reliable platform

Meet and exceed your customers' expectations with 99.99% uptime.

More than just

Worldwide availability

Our payment services know no borders. Your customers will be covered all over the globe and have access to their funds from every point.

Trustful partner

Our mission is to provide a modular IT solution. We will never be a competitor of our clients but a partner you can put your trust in.

Deployment innovation

We offer flexible deployment options (On-premise and SaaS).

PCI DSS Level 1 certified

Security is the number 1 priority when speaking about payments. We can support you with PCI DSS level 1 hosting located worldwide.

Managed Services

PCI DSS Level 1 certified

Security is the number 1 priority when speaking about payments. We can support you with PCI DSS level 1 hosting located worldwide.

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of the competition

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Managed Services
  • Auditing
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  • Consulting

Take advantage of our complete solution with Managed Services. Contact us and help your business succeed today.