Embedded Finance Service Provider Platform by SEPA Cyber

Are you a bank, EMI, or financial regulated company that wants to scale and diversify its business with embedded finance services? We have the ideal turnkey, white-label platform for you.

Our product is compatible with different mobile and web applications, making it the perfect solution for embedded finance service providers of all sizes.

With SEPA Cyber’s embedded finance platform you get

SEPA Cyber Tech Group will guide you with technical and business development assistance to the launching of your digital wallet and even after that. You can choose from a wide variety of modules to build the ultimate customer experience

Power Admin

Power admin back-office allowing embedded finance service providers to deploy multiple master admins.

Master Admin

White-label master admin panel for electronic money distributors/agents to configure, manage and monitor software performance

Your best solution if you need

Payment Solutions

Тhird-party operators like Banking Circle, CENTROlink, and more

Dependable RegTech

Comply with AML regulations by connecting our platform to our RegTech solutions

Core Banking

Offer core banking as part of your embedded finance services package

Direct Reporting & Reconciliation

Generate and send reports to government agencies, financial and non-financial institutions

More than a embedded finance platform

Step by step to
complete solution

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