White label IPG for your merchantsto accept and proceed payments

White label internet payment gateway
by SEPA Cyber Technologies

In a world where browse, pick a product, add to card, hit checkout, repeat has become a routine, online businesses need a reliable IPG to meet the high expectation of online shoppers. We, at SEPA Cyber, offer a complete payment gateway you can brand with your identity.

Your merchants will get seamless platform to accept and proceed online payments.

With SEPA Cyber’ white-label IPG you will be able to offer

Our internet payment gateway has built-in functionalities to make you a leader in the payment accepting industry. Your merchants will have the ability to accept and proceed payments with our complete card-non-present platform.

  • Digital onboarding
  • Admin back office
  • Easy integration kits for developments
  • Testing interface for merchants
  • Merchants back office with fraud management
  • Built-in invoicing
  • Multilingual payment platform
  • Multi-channel and multi-currency processing

SEPA Cyber’s powerful IPG solution supports the following payment methods

Added value service to your already existing product or new business - with SEPA Cyber’ white label wallet you are ready in 1-2-3