Automated engine for virtual scoring and rating system by SEPA Cyber

Ultimate credit scoring solution
by SEPA Cyber Technologies

Credit risk scoring is a credit decision engine that helps banks and financial institution to improve credit quality and acceptance rates through the use of big data. Our virtual scoring and rating system is a reliable solution to keep manual work at minimum and give your customers fast services.

Choose between build-in or custom virtual scoring and rating solution by SEPA Cyber Technologies.

With SEPA Cyber’ virtual scoring and rating system you get

We offer both virtual scoring engine and rating system that enable lenders to accurately predict borrower’s payment behavior, helping them make informed and more profitable credit decisions in real time.

  • Back office to manage credit quality and fight fraud
  • Fully automated scoring engine
  • Credit decisions in real time
  • Removes the risk of human error or personal judgement

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Keep manual work at minimum.

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Seamless back office to manage credit quality and fight fraud.

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Reliable solution using big data.

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scoring and rating system

Worldwide availability

Scoring and rating for people all around the world.

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