Varchev Finance chose a digital wallet by SEPA Cyber Technologies

SEPA Cyber Technologies was chosen by Varchev Finance to develop a customised digital wallet. Due to the high demand for mobile financial services in Europe, Varchev aims at offering a competitive product supplemented with regulatory technologies.

Our team will help Varchev with the development of a multifunctional digital wallet that will allow Varchev’s clients to perform contactless payments, transfer money from one account to another, exchange currencies and top up their accounts directly from their smartphone or laptop.

The digital wallet will use the latest technologies for the automation of regulatory processes (KYC and KYB) provided by SEPA Cyber Technologies, which will shorten the time for opening an account and verification of business and private clients in the European Economic Area.

The added identity verification modules will enhance data security, ease the digitisation of financial processes, and shorten the time for execution and approval of online payments, money transfers and currency exchange.

“We are extremely excited that Varchev chose SEPA Cyber Technologies for the development of a customised digital wallet. Our mission is to help progressive companies like Varchev to digitise and enlarge their businesses while offering their clients a secure and reliable environment to execute financial operations”


Marvin Blazhevski, CEO and Founder of SEPA Cyber Technologies


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