The rise of cryptocurrencies and crypto exchange platforms

Charlie Shrem

"The reason we are all here is that the current financial system is outdated."

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Here are some interesting facts we found out during our research.

$534 billion

Trading volume across the top-9 centralized and decentralized exchanges for 2020

+307% growth

Total exchange volume growth in 2020

The case

Cryptocurrencies have been a hot topic for a long time now, and 2020 can be marked as the most eventful year in the crypto world so far. The cryptocurrency exchange market also marked an exponential growth of +307% and reached a volume of $534 billion. With the increased interest in crypto trading, the demand for reliable and secure crypto exchange platforms and other cryptocurrency software products is also on the rise. However, there are challenges that companies in the cryptocurrency market need to face such as a long licensing process, lack of secure IT infrastructure, compliance risk and upcoming regulations.

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SEPA Cyber Technologies can provide you with both crypto software and hardware while ensuring your business’ regulatory compliance with the help of our regtech solutions. Our team of experts will help you build your successful crypto business from the ground up.

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