How can the alternative payment solutions aid the gambling industry?


"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

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Here are some interesting facts we found out during our research

$ 565.4bn

is what the gambling industry will be worth by the end of 2022


The size of the eWallet’s market share by 2022

The case

The gambling industry is vastly growing which makes technological advancement crucial for developing competitive advantages and simplifying and securing the customer journey, especially for gambling businesses with online platforms. However, with growth, new problems arise. While technology is undeniably an enabler, it possesses security risks most gambling businesses have little experience with. This, combined with their high-volume turnover, makes them a high-risk applicant in the eyes of card processing providers and acquiring banks.

Nevertheless, there are certain solutions that can help you secure an acquiring partner even if your business is new and you lack credit and transaction history. We, at SEPA Cyber Technologies, work with a list of high-risk providers that we assess beforehand to match your sought profile. In addition, we offer reliable and secure Internet Payment Gateways (IPG) to handle all parts of your online gambling business as well as eWallets, cryptocurrency, and eMoney platforms. With our KYC, KYB and PEP & Sanction modules, you can protect your business against fraud and with our ETMS solutions, you can even control the ATMs, POS and mPOS devices on your premises.

SEPA Cyber' technological approach

Keeping your business protected is of key importance to you and to us. Here are our secure, modular and reliable solutions that we can help you with:

SEPA Cyber securely stores your financial data on one of our 5 European PCI certified data centers

Our white-label eWallets allow you to keep track of your transactions in real-time

Secure IPG for your online gambling customer group

Fraud and chargeback prevention through our KYC, KYB and PEP & Sanction modules with extensive coverage

Customizable ETMS devices for your on-premise business

Fully compliant card issuance for gambling platforms

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