Digital revolution in the taxi industry

Danny Hillis

"If transportation technology was moving along as fast as microprocessor technology, then the day after tomorrow, I would be able to get in a taxicab and be in Tokyo in 30 seconds."

Did you know?

Here are some interesting facts we found out during our research.

$327.54 billion

In market value by 2026

8.95 %

Growth rate for the period 2021 - 2026

The case

With services like Uber, Lyft, DriveNow, BlaBlaCar and the forthcoming self-driving cars, the traditional taxi services are in desperate need of change to stay competitive and up to date. Among the main problems in the taxi industry include – lack of proper background check of the drivers and business clients, inconvenient CRM systems and loyalty programs, lack of mobile applications, inappropriate payment systems and manual processes. All the above reduce the competitive advantages of the traditional taxi services and lead to the industry decay. The only way for ride-hailing services to survive is through digital transformation, and SEPA Cyber Technologies is here to help.

SEPA Cyber's technological approach

The taxi industry needs technological advancement to remain competitive. Fortunately, SEPA Cyber Technologies offers a full range of innovative and secure digital solutions to reinforce digital transformation into taxi companies.


Digital Transformation Consultancy Services


Custom CRM

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) Modules



Reporting Tools and Features


Card Issuance

Communication and Authentication

Loyalty Cards and eVouchers

Cryptocurrency Top-up and Payments

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