Strategic partnership with W2

In the ever-evolving Fintech world expanding services is a top priority. Therefore, we partnered up with W2 to further develop our global regulatory compliance coverage plan.

With our rapid expansion, we needed a partner who had international coverage, used the latest facial-comparison technology and could verify multiple ID documents, including a driver’s license, hence W2 was the perfect choice.

W2 is a UK based company that provides solutions for ID verification, Fraud Prevention, AML Compliance, KYC and KYB and other regulatory services through a single API integration. They operate not only in the financial industry but also support ecommerce and the betting and gambling sectors.

Warren Russell, W2 CEO

As the latest member to join the prestigious SEPA Cyber partnership program, we are obviously delighted to be standing alongside the likes of VISA, Verifone and Gemalto in that scheme

Marvin Blazhevski, CEO of SEPA Cyber Technologies

This particular partnership has the makings of a win-win!

With W2 offering coverage in more than 150 countries, they have the scale, experience and expertise to help Fintech companies like SEPA Cyber provide truly global solutions much more easily than before.


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