White-label SMS Gateway for yopur business needs

White-label SMS Gateway
by SEPA Cyber Technologies

SEPA Cyber Technologies can help you reach out customers in the palm of their hands. It is a powerful tool, especially nowadays when living on the go is a durable trend in our daily lives. SMS Gateway is important for a variety of reasons: meeting security requirements, getting noticed, enhancing customer communication among many others.

We offer a tailored white-label solution, regardless if you are in eCommerce, financial, logistics or another sector where SMS gateway service is required.

With SEPA Cyber’ SMS Gateway you get

Customize your product with our white-label SMS Gateway. Our experts will guide you through our offering and will elaborate a tailored solution based on the features you need.

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Real-time notifications
  • Emergency alerts
  • Tracking and reports
  • Global coverage
  • Mass SMS messaging

More than a
SMS gateway

High degree of automation

Keep the manual work to minimum. Our systems will do the work for you.

Uptime 99.99 % of the time

By choosing us you do not need to worry about system availability. We guarantee high level of service time.

White-label solution

Our solution enables easy customization and you can choose only what you need. Let us help you showcase your brand.

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complete solution

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Added value service to your already existing product or new business – with SEPA Cyber’ white label SMS Gateway you are ready to as 1-2-3