It’s Time to Celebrate Our Third Year on the Fintech Market

This January, we marked our third anniversary with a Covid-19-friendly small gathering and an amazingly delicious birthday cake, which brought smiles upon everyone’s faces.
At the event, our CEO, Marvin Blazhevski, our VP, Konstantinos Birtachas, and our COO, Vanya Grozeva, gave speeches on SEPA Cyber’s growth and development. Each one of them expressed their optimistic views over the company’s future and following a Japanese tradition, thanked everyone individually in the office for their great job, enthusiasm, and efforts to make SEPA Cyber the company it is now.
Our C-level executives did not forget to thank everyone involved in SEPA Cyber’s evolution and included the company’s partners, clients, and employees that couldn’t be present at the event, in their speeches.

Marvin Blazhevski, founder, and CEO of SEPA Cyber Technologies

Three years ago, we founded SEPA Cyber Technologies, a company with a bold business idea and great expectations. Today, we are proud to announce that in three years’ time we have achieved a lot. We have managed to build trust in our company and prove that we can provide innovative and reliable solutions for a wide range of businesses.
Looking at that time, I could only imagine that we would build such a big network and grow to 6 offices around the world. All of these wouldn’t be possible without our clients, partners and employees, and for that we thank you.
This January, I am grateful for each problem, success and person linked to the company. I am keen to keep that pace of growing SEPA Cyber portfolio, building our community, and continue turning business plans into reality. Let’s embark on this journey together and embrace the bright future ahead of us.

We all believe in SEPA Cyber’s bright future and continue to aim at global expansion through innovation, quality, and diversity. Get on board and sail with us beyond technology.


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