SEPA Cyber Technologies Reaches Pre-IPO Valuation of 300 Million Euros

SEPA Cyber Technologies received a pre-IPO valuation of 300 million euros from the global audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG. The valuation comes after we changed our legal form to a joint-stock company back in November and marks our progress in fulfilling our ambitious plan to go public on the international stock exchange.

SEPA Cyber was established in 2018, and in just three years, we have achieved remarkable growth. We have opened seven offices in Europe, Asia and North America and operate five data centers. The unique product offerings of our company are set to become the preferred choice when integration of digitized financial services is needed.

SEPA Cyber’s unique MuSe (Multi-Services) platform provides businesses with access to more than 600 third-party and internally developed financial and regulatory services and modules under one roof. In addition, our software products make the opening of neobanks and incorporation of financial products possible in 3 to 6 months.

Marvin Blazhevski, CEO of SEPA Cyber Technologies

Our goal is SEPA Cyber Technologies to go public on the global stock market, and the pre-IPO valuation by a trusted company like KPMG is bringing us one step closer.

Looking ahead, SEPA Cyber Technologies has the capacity and know-how to establish strong market positions globally by expanding our product portfolio driven by current trends. The need for digitized financial and regulatory services is constantly growing as businesses are entering the peak of global digitalization.


SEPA Cyber Technologies: