SEPA Cyber Technologies Discovers Brazil and Italy with Its New Partner Cyrius Consulting

SEPA Cyber Technologies partnered up with Cyrius Consulting to establish a new relationship based on the mutual interest in the digitization of business processes and financial services.

Our partnership with Cyrius allows us to unlock new markets and set foot in a new continent, namely South America. In this way, SEPA Cyber Technologies now operates in five continents and more than 32 countries.

Cyrius Consulting is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the Brazilian and Italian markets. The company has gained solid expertise in ERP systems and the digitalization processes, which is a base for a great symbiosis between us.

Marvin Blazhevski, CEO and Founder of SEPA Cyber Technologies

Our partners mean a lot to us, and we value their efforts for establishing a strong relationship based on trust and common goals. With Cyrius, we found exactly what we were looking for – a stable, respected company with years of experience. We believe that our partnership will prosper and lead to mutual success.

SEPA Cyber Technologies aims at enabling companies to go smoothly through the digitalization of their operations. We act as an ambassador of digital transformation and digitization of financial services. That’s why we are always on the lookout for like-minded partners that can assist us in moving forward with our goals.

Our Partner Programs are developed so that they cover both our and our partner needs and capabilities. Companies can choose between Integrator, Developer and Reseller programs depending on their interests and goals. For more information, please, contact our team.


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