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SEPA Cyber partnered with S&W Engineering to step in Africa

We are delighted to announce our partnership with S&W Engineering. Thanks to this strategic partnership SEPA Cyber will have the amazing opportunity to penetrate the African market as part of our global expansion plans.

With the ever-growing potential of the market and the need for innovative solutions in the Fintech industry, we strongly believe in the success of this partnership.

We are looking further to help Africa’s fintech companies offer outstanding, secure and flexible services. We understand that while the global and business models, and trends are also evident in Africa, they differ due to the unique combination of low banking penetration and high mobile phone penetration. This gives a more profound and rapid process of disruption and creates an exceptional market growth opportunity.

As we partner up our local reseller S&W Engineering, we will easily provide not only our modular SEPA CoreX solution but also continuously support both start-ups and established businesses in maximizing their potential.



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