SEPA Cyber Technologies Embarks on a Journey to the US Fintech Market

After completing the registration process, we at SEPA Cyber Technologies, are excited to announce that we are now incorporated on the US market as a limited liability company (LLC). By making this step, we want to ensure the global reach of our modular, scalable, and secure open banking solutions and we expect to positively influence the US market.

The need for outstanding fintech products is rapidly growing, and the US market is currently flourishing. According to a KPMG’s report, 2019 was a strong year for US investments in the fintech sector resulting in a new annual record of $59.8 billion.

Furthermore, the pandemic made it clear that many businesses should rethink their business models and move towards digitalization and process automation. The number of users of digital financial services is also on the rise which corresponds with the increase in the demand for fintech products and services.

All the above were among the main reasons why we decided to set foot in the USA and build an extensive network of clients and partners. Our products have all it’s needed to compete on the challenging US market and are compliant with the latest regulations for performing digital financial operations and establishing neobanks.

“SEPA Cyber Technologies is moving towards globalization. We have set our goals high and want to become a global leader in the fintech sector, providing our customers with innovative and secure solutions suitable for neobanks, startups and enterprises. Entering the US market is a huge step for us, and we believe it is a step in the right direction.”


SEPA Cyber Technologies: