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SEPA Cyber Technologies Attends Seamless Europe 2021

We are super excited to share what we have learned from our participation at this year’s Seamless conference. The event took place online on the 19th and 20th of May, and the attendees had the chance to gain industry insights and advice from more than 80 of the world’s leading experts.


Seamless Europe is one of the most important fintech events for the European region. The event gathers 1500+ attendees working in the banking, financial service, and financial technologies sectors. Seamless’ interactive online platform provides a perfect environment for product exhibitions and endless networking opportunities.

Most importantly, the attendees have the chance to watch the sessions on-demand after the event and catch up with what they have missed.

The common theme across all sessions at Seamless Europe 2021 was the future of banking and payments. The discussions revolved around topics such as paving the way to a cashless society, enhancing tech adoption globally, what steps are needed to reach full and inclusive digital banks and many more.

Both the moderators and the audience raised a lot of interesting questions during the sessions, such as:

  • Are there markets that are more prone to accept cashless payments than others?
  • What is the role of a cashless society in driving financial inclusion?
  • Is biometrics the key to invisible payments?
  • What is the biggest disruptor coming up in the next couple of years?

However, the most important discussions that arose include whether fintechs are disrupting the banking sector or helping it evolve and whether banks should partner up with fintechs.

According to the speakers, fintechs and banks should collaborate on driving digital transformation in banking. Partnerships should, of course, be created for the right reasons – benefiting the end result and perfecting the user experience.


Speaking of fintechs-banks partnership, collaboration was one of the suggestions when the speakers were asked to give their opinion on what lessons should be included if there is a playbook for establishing a fully digital and financially inclusive bank.

Other suggestions included a chapter on “One size doesn’t fit all”, as customer needs vary to a great extend and it is better for the financial institutions to choose beforehand what they want to be the best at.

The two-day event was full of insightful and creative success stories from the financial sector. We, at SEPA Cyber Technologies, are extremely grateful that we had the opportunity to online meet and speak with industry experts. We cannot wait until the next Seamless Europe event. See you there. Meanwhile, you can always contact us via our contact form.


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