Seamless Middle East 2020 through our eyes

SEPA Cyber is thrilled to share details over our participation in the Seamless Middle East 2020 exhibition as part of our presence in the Middle East market.

Seamless is built on over 20 years of history. It brings together the best of banking, fintech and payments. In 2020 there were over 200,000 participants as the event was held both in-person and online.

Our team was presented by our newly promoted colleagues – Vanya and Kostas, joined by Sinan Soylemaz, our Head of Business Development – Middle East. They’ve spent the 2 days meeting fintech innovators and futurists and speaking about the future of the industry.

We were happy to meet some of the lectors in person and have a quick chat over their vision of the future of finance and fintech as well as to compliment their amazing performance on stage. We are looking further to build a strong connection and find our place in the ever-growing fintech market in the Middle East.

Another part of our team attended the online event which we found highly insightful. Lectors from all over the world shared their knowledge, solutions and innovation ideas. We listened closely to all panels to understand better the needs of digital transformation, partnerships between banks and fintech companies and how to sharpen our services.

We all used our time at Seamless Middle East wisely and managed to establish valuable contacts, become familiar with the latest financial technology trends in the region and create a solid ground for future partnerships with payment and technology companies.


SEPA Cyber Technologies