The Multi Payment Connector Function of the Company

The Multi Payment Connector Function
of SEPA Cyber Technologies

Our payment connector uses cutting-edge software to enable an application to process payments for transactions whether or not the card is present. It facilitates a variety of payment methods and networks which allow freedom of transacting for your business.

The SEPA Cyber multi payment connector solution focuses on geographical availability, functional backup and highly ranked customer convenience. It channels international payments and accommodates multiple currencies. Fraud protection and maximum security are top priorities for our organisation.

The Evolution of Payment Methods of SEPA Cyber Technologies

The benefits of electronic payment methods include the safety and security of transactions.
Payments through these types of transfers are not subject to chargebacks. Apart from it being customer-friendly and excessively convenient, it’s entirely digital and fast. Most of all, it enables payments globally with little to no restrictions.

  • SEPA – Single Euro Payments Area
  • SWIFT – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial
  • ACH / EFT – Automated Clearing House / Electronic Funds Transfer

Payment methods are continually evolving thanks to digital technology and the impact of open banking on the market. The company drives the development of modernised financial products that will shape the future of payments.

Combine our Multi Payment Connector with different financial products from our diverse portfolio, such as card issuing, digital wallets, crypto exchange and many others.

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We offer next-generation digital solutions to keep manual work at a minimum.

Full compliance

Our built-in features and custom solutions will meet your country's restrictions.

Back office interface

Full spectrum of tools to monitor and manage your customers’ eWallets.

White-label solution

Your brand colours and your design over our white-label platform.

Web and mobile
interface for end users

Powerful platform with intuitive design on any device.

Reliable platform

Meet and exceed your customers' expectations with 99.99% uptime.

More than just a
Payment Solution

Worldwide availability

Our payment services know no borders. Your customers will be covered all over the globe and have access to their funds from every point.

Trustful partner

Our mission is to provide a modular IT solution. We will never be a competitor of our clients but a partner you can put your trust in.

Deployment innovation

We offer flexible deployment options (On-premise and SaaS).

PCI DSS Level 1 certified

Security is the number 1 priority when speaking about payments. We can support you with PCI DSS level 1 hosting located worldwide.

Payment Connector

PCI DSS Level 1 certified

Security is the number 1 priority when speaking about payments. We can support you with PCI DSS level 1 hosting located worldwide.

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Payment Connector
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