The German Committee for the Protection of Minors in the Media (KJM) approves SEPA Cyber’s KYC Module

The German Committee for the protection of minors in the media, KJM, has approved SEPA Cyber’s KYC module for identity and age verification.

The KJM is an organ of the German media institutions and an expert body made up of representatives of the federal and state governments. In Germany, the KJM is the central supervisory body for the protection of minors in private broadcasting and the Internet.

After a complete evaluation of SEPA Cyber’s KYC module, the German Committee for the protection of minors in the media has concluded that if implemented, SEPA Cyber’s KYC solution will ensure the client’s compliance with the Youth Media Protection State Treaty (JMStV).

Marvin Blazhevski, CEO and Founder of SEPA Cyber Technologies


“The KJM’s approval of SEPA Cyber’s KYC module is a huge honour for us. We are proud that our regulatory solution was acknowledged and can help companies be compliant with the requirements for prevention of harmful content reaching the youth on the internet and media.”

According to the JMStV, certain content that is harmful to young people may only be distributed in the media if the provider ensures that only adults have access to it through closed user groups. To provide legal and planning certainty, the KJM offers interested companies to check whether their technical solutions for youth media protection meet the legal requirements.

The KJM’s requirements for secure age verification through technologies should ensure that the identification is carried out utilizing a comparison of the biometric data of the identification document, a real-time photo of the person to be identified as well as an automatic reading of the document’s data.

The Committee’s approval of our KYC module is a great accomplishment for us in the process of equipping companies with a full range of white label regulatory technologies that help them meet country-specific and global legal requirements.


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