From Start-up to Scale-up: SEPA Cyber Technologies Celebrates Its Fourth Birthday

The establishment of SEPA Cyber Technologies

A lot has happened since the opening of SEPA Cyber’s headquarters in Varna, Bulgaria, in 2018.

The company launched in a small office with our CEO, Marvin Blazhevski and two more employees. Filled with motivation and enthusiasm, they started to develop SEPA Cyber’s product portfolio, set business goals, and look for the right people to provide the fintech sector with innovative products.


A year later, in 2019, the company has already shown a big potential by partnering with Onfido. This collaboration led to the expansion of SEPA Cyber’s market reach and product portfolio by adding AI-powered ID verification services and many more.


Ever since its establishment, SEPA Cyber has shown remarkable progress in its growth and the year 2020 wasn’t any different. Our company has been named Fintech of the Year by Fintech Bulgaria. We also partnered up with W2, an international SaaS (Software as a Service) leader providing AML (Anti Money Laundering) compliance services.


Moreover, our CEO, Marvin Blazhevski, was interviewed for one of the most prestigious magazines in the business world – Forbes. But that’s not all. SEPA Cyber Technologies participated at Seamless Middle East, where we met a lot of like-minded companies, investors, and visionaries.


2021 was the year of new offices. We opened three new offices on three different continents – Europe, Asia, and North America. SEPA Cyber now has an office in London, Istanbul and Lewes, Delaware.


Last year we also had some more big news confirming our growth. We announced our pre-IPO valuation of 300 million euros performed by KPMG and also became a VISA Ready certified by entering the VISA Ready Fintech Enablement Program.




SEPA Cyber’s present

But enough about the past. Let’s talk about the present.

Last week, we celebrated our company’s fourth birthday with a big party in Istanbul. During the party, the team leaders had the chance to give a speech to thank everyone and express their views on the company’s development.


Our Vice President, Konstantinos Birtachas, spoke about SEPA Cyber’s present, where the company is standing at the moment, as well as what each team is focusing on. He also mentioned the newly developed teams, where they stay in the company’s structure, and how this will help us improve our operational processes.


Mr. Birtachas also expressed his gratitude towards the people that couldn’t be present at the event. He wished each of us a year full of achievements, personal growth, and success.


What does SEPA Cyber Technologies future look like?

While our Vice President focused on the company’s present, our CEO, Marvin Blazhevski, shared his views on SEPA Cyber’s future and how we will get there together as a whole.

SEPA Cyber will keep expanding its product portfolio, market reach and qualified teams around the world. We will also move from a solution provider to a product provider. But what is more important, in the upcoming years, the company plans to get listed on the London and the US stock exchange.

Marvin Blazhevski, CEO of SEPA Cyber Technologies

Marvin Blazhevski



“Today, we are dispatching our efforts, unifying them and offering them to the world. That is the path that we will go for, and we are currently on the best way for it.”

Marvin Blazhevski ended his speech with a motivational message, stressing the importance of teamwork, togetherness, and common goals.

We all believe that SEPA Cyber Technologies has a bright future ahead, and there are a lot of new projects that we will put our hands on, so stay tuned for more exciting news from us.


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