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EMI Consultancy

by SEPA Cyber Technologies

Reduce the time for obtaining an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license by taking advantage of our consultancy services. Our team of experts will assist you with every step of the application process and guide you to fulfill all regulatory requirements.

Expand your business by becoming a successful Electronic Money Institution and start offering your clients secure payment services.

With SEPA Cyber’ EMI consultancy services, you get

Initial discussion and planning of operational and regulatory requirements for an EMI application in the EU. Moreover, our consultants will assist with the application preparation consisting of:

  • Writing your regulatory business plan
  • Writing your programme of operations
  • Writing your structural organisation document
  • Confirming your initial capital arrangements and measures to safeguard funds
  • Writing your governance arrangements and internal controls policy
  • Writing your procedure on managing security incidents and handling complaints
  • Writing your procedure for managing and accessing sensitive payment data
  • Writing your business continuity arrangements procedural plan
  • Writing your payments data collection policy and procedural document
  • Writing your security policy
  • Writing your AML and CFT policy and procedural document
  • Writing your AML staff training handbook manual

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