White-label Email Gateway to build a better comminucation and trust

White-label Email Gateway
by SEPA Cyber Technologies

Maintaining a spotless brand reputation is key. SEPA Cyber Technologies can help you keep your communication secure and protect you from vicious phishing attacks, malware and viruses. Record-retention and secure electronic communications, data loss prevention and supervisory controls are all compliance and email security challenges that companies in the financial sector need to adhere to.

Here our tailored white-label Email Gateway solution comes to help.

With SEPA Cyber’ Email Gateway you get

Customize your product with our white-label Email Gateway service. Our experts will guide you through our offering and will elaborate a tailored solution based on the features you need.

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Tighter security and privacy
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Freedom to personalize
  • High delivery rates
  • Global coverage
  • Bulk email dispatch

More than an
email gateway

High degree of automation

Keep the manual work to minimum. Our systems will do the work for you.

Uptime 99.99 % of the time

By choosing us you do not need to worry about system availability. We guarantee high level of service time.

White-label solution

Our solution enables easy customization and you can choose only what you need. Let us help you showcase your brand.

High degree of automation

Keep the manual work to minimum. Our systems will do the work for you.

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complete solution

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Added value service to your already existing product or an additional layer security – with SEPA Cyber’ white-label Email Gateway you are ready to as 1-2-3