Banking digital transformation by SEPA Cyber Technologies

Digital transformation has become a
trend, and everyone is seeking it.
But what exactly does that mean?

Digital transformation is technological but also cultural, operational and
organisational. It is considered a smart integration of digital technologies, processes and
competencies across all levels and functions of a company, industry or ecosystem in a
staged and strategic way.

What is the role of SEPA Cyber?

Digital transformation is a journey with many short, mid and long-term goals. The big picture at the end is ubiquitous optimisation across processes, divisions and the entire business ecosystem. It is mainly happening by:

  • Understanding the specific business structure
  • Evaluating existing software and identifying room for improvement
  • Analysing internal processes
  • Project scope and optimisation plan

We can speed processes in other sectors too

We have already helped companies in different areas undergo a much-needed digital
transformation. Here is a list of our experience and use cases (we are always ready for new projects/


Find details on how we managed to help a taxi company to optimise its processes.


Do you think airlines are fully digital? Think twice and check our case study.


Going digital was crucial for an insurance company, and we can share the process.

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Our technical expertise

Front End

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