Become a SEPA Cyber Developer. Provide market-leading FinTech, RegTech, and CyberTech as part of your solution offering. Grow your revenues as a SEPA Cyber integrator. We will bring the software and APIs. You will tailor them to give your customers the digital experience they need.

Is it for you?

Here is a snapshot of what you look like as a SEPA Cyber developer:

  • You are an expert in software development
  • Your brand means you create the right solutions for your customers
  • You want to help customers meet challenges by combining your integration services with our domain expertise
  • You are happy to boost your revenues

Why partner with SEPA Cyber?

A vast and continually developing product range

Outstanding product quality

Flexibility to adapt products to specific markets or customer needs

First-class engineering and technical support

Exclusive commercial offer

Deal protection

Joint sales initiatives

Partner locator listing

How do I join the SEPA Cyber Developer Program?

Tell us about your company and your current need
We will scope the project together
Our Business development team will share a tailor-made Partnership Agreement
Upon signature, we are ready to kick off the technical implementation