Core Issuing Processing System by SEPA Cyber Technologies

Core Issuing Processing
by SEPA Cyber Technologies

Like any other business, card payments have been undergoing a revolution triggered by innovation in technology and competition. SEPA Cyber will support you in developing highly differentiated and innovative payment card propositions, stepping on the stable foundation of Core Issuing Processing.

With SEPA Cyber’ Core Issuing Processing you get

We offer you an end-to-end processing services such as:

  • Card management
  • Transaction authorisation
  • Chargeback processing
  • Supporting all card brands, as well as private label and closed-loop propositions
  • Supporting all existing and emerging payment technologies – EMV, contactless, NFC, tokenisation
  • Supporting all card types and accounts: debit, credit, prepaid, commercial, e-vouchers

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PCI DSS certified

All payment solutions require top-level security.

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Deployment innovation

On-premise or SaaS.

PCI DSS certified

All payment solutions require top-level security.

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